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Unveiling the Worth of Women in the Logistics Sector

As we pace ahead with the contemporary times, logistics and transportation has always been perceived as a critical component in supply chain management. Moreover, with the time ticking away, this sector is still dominated by men. According to the World Economic Forum, many individuals observed a steady hike in the share of women in the leadership roles across the past two decades. This share has now risen to 33.7% in 2023 from 33.4% in 2022 across the public and private-sector leadership roles. Women have never fallen back to bring dynamism and customer-centricity to the forefront. While they have showcased their unique capabilities, they have propelled growth in the sector. So, here is a glimpse about how women are contributing to business success in the logistics industry.

What are different roles that women are playing in the Indian logistics sector?

While many men have been taking up responsibilities in the logistics sector, women are also demonstrating their strengths with certain tasks.

● As time rolls by, women are quite capable of taking up tasks like lifting heavy goods. However, with technology, women can carry out the tasks efficiently and independently. On the other hand, many women are taking up leadership roles within the logistics companies. They have always sought a sense of fulfillment while balancing their career with motherhood. As leaders, they always foster collaborations and teamwork to accomplish goals in a complex and an agile business environment.

● Even when men are doing a great job in transporting goods, you may observe several trucks driven by women. In addition, women are proactive enough when last-mile delivery operations are concerned. Through their organizational skills, they are able to deliver the products efficiently to the customers within the time frame. Women are also shouldering diverse responsibilities such as quality control, inventory management, and more at warehouses that are evolving with a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

● Women who have been working in the logistics domain, have also taken up roles to encourage other women to work and embrace a completely different ambience. Sharing their experiences through industry events and mentorship programs have brought a hope of myriad opportunities. These experiences inspire many females to play a major role in driving business growth. This aspect has further led many women to apply for the internship programs by the government certified Logistics Skill Council.

● When maintaining customer relationships is always under the mission, women have always excelled in offering customer service. The interpersonal skills along with the attention to detail ensures smooth communication in the supply chain ecosystem.

● As women are becoming prominent in the sector, they have aced in developing innovative solutions to surpass many challenges. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics has enabled them to streamline operations and make the industry more sustainable. This, in turn, is helping towards the creation of an environmentally responsible industry.

Finally, the future seems resilient when the industry is empowering women ahead. Many companies are promoting diversity and inclusion programs with an aim to create a workplace that respects all individuals. Flexible work schedules are also very much appealing to women who have to carry out additional responsibilities. Above all, as companies adhere to the commitment to equality and fairness, they are also promoting a positive work culture. However, skilling initiatives can certainly help to broaden the opportunities for women and prove their worth.

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