Steady Steps To Success

Responsible Growth
Our Journey & Progress

TVS ILP’s eventful journey began in 2005 when the Indian economy was in the middle of a new growth phase with extensive import-export activity. The opportunities made us focus on developing the workforce’s skills by harnessing the power of technology, linking capability with value, and making talent development a top priority.

TVS ILP, building on its knowledge and capabilities, went through a phase of adding scale and size. Since its USP lies in the speed of execution, it could meet its delivery schedules of clients, leading to repeat business and sticky clientele. Consequently, its client base grew to include national auto-ancillary players and globally renowned industrial manufacturing giants such as Alstom and Kubota.

Even as the world economy is slowly rebuilding after the devastating pandemic, newer challenges, including the conflict in Eastern Europe, continues to haunt the global business environment. 

These challenges have necessitated businesses to consider holistic growth, thus validating TVS ILP’s mantra of Responsible Growth. In our journey in these uncertain times, we ensure that all stakeholders join us. As sustainability is deeply embedded in the Company’s DNA, it will remain the guiding light in this journey.

Unmatched Passion Meets Unwavering Determination

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One Step Ahead

Steps Towards

We believe that sustainable practices such as reducing negative environmental footprint, reducing energy consumption and community development have to be a part of the Company’s strategy and integrated with business decisions.

As a part of its continuous efforts, the Company has managed to get EDGE certification for several warehouses. EDGE is a green building certification system from IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, focused on making buildings more resource-efficient in over 170 countries.

Our Ethos, Our Beliefs

Matrix Of Responsibility

We Believe That The Bar For Quality And Ethics Should Be Set High.

And It Is A Challenge To Ourselves As A Company To Maintain That.

Towards Nation

Through Responsible Compliance, Regular tax payments & moving towards an Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Towards Society

Through diversity and inclusion profile, with the representation of all genders.

Towards Industry

Through Innovation, Design Improvements, sustainability will be its prime focus.

Focusing On What Matters, Always.

Dedicated to Responsible Growth

Responsibility towards Nation

Make In India

For us, the government’s vision is also a road map for seeking clients who want to be a part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign. We aspire to build an India whose identity is self-reliant, forward- looking and yet rooted in traditions.


TVS ILP believes that corporate taxes are the primary source to finance goods and welfare activities by the Government. Our Company's behaviour towards society can be understood by its compliance with various state and central taxes.

Responsible Workforce Relations

During the Covid-19 peak period, the Company had conducted regular free Covid-19 vaccination camps with a strong focus on making people aware of its importance. It regularly holds free medical camps at the construction sites for the workers.

Responsible Societal Growth

Responsibility towards Society

Environmental conservation TVS ILP is working towards sustainable sourcing, allocation and utilisation of resources, such as fuel, raw material and even air and water. The Company believes not only in protection and conservation but also in equity and justice.

Women Empowerment TVS ILP pays close attention to diversity and inclusion profiles, including the representation of women. We support the Central Government's flagship schemes to promote gender equality so that women can thrive economically and rise out of poverty. We ensure that in our company's workforce, gender balance is maintained adequately. The combined percentage of semi-skilled women workers of TVS ILP and clients is about 25 to 50 %.

Environment and Social Governance

Respect for Environmental & Social Matters

All over the developed economies, the investors have increasingly expressed their concerns about the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies and practices of companies they invest in developing markets. TVS ILP takes such concerns very seriously and has already implemented several projects such as solar power generation, water conservation, and zero discharge warehouse to reduce carbon footprint.

We are bound towards actions that make our environment more Greener, more Sustainable and Safer for everyone. It is simply more than skin-deep, it has permeated into the way we do things at TVS ILP. Our impact on the environment means a greater responsibility with every action we take, every warehouse we design and every corner of the country we connect.

Certifications & Awards

At the cutting EDGE

The TVS Industrial & Logistics Parks Private Ltd (TVS ILP) has been instrumental in adopting green building initiatives and sustainability practices across all its logistics parks. In recognition of the efforts and commitment exhibited by TVS ILP, IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, recently awarded TVS ILP with EDGE CHAMPION certification. TVS ILP will continue to make efforts towards reducing its carbon footprint associated with all aspects of its operational and business processes while adopting a more resource-efficient path through certified green buildings.

Responsible Growth realised

Responsibility towards Industry

Innovation, Processes & Automation

Drawing insights from business processes, the Company will push for innovation and design improvements in all aspects of operations at the warehouses. Innovation will not be just for saving costs and launching new services; sustainability will be its prime focus. Sustainability will also serve as a fulcrum for levering new business opportunities.


TVS ILP aspires to create value by being fair, open and compliant. It will be responsive to stakeholders by being candid and engaged. As market forces push for a reputation economy, TVS ILP will hold itself as a model of responsible behaviour, as a sterling reputation means everything.

For our Clients

Responsibility towards Clients

When Clients engages with TVS ILP and decides to avail of our services, the relationship is not just limited to only commercials. It is also an endorsement of the trust that TVS ILP has created over the years. We always strive to build upon that trust by working ‘not across the table’ but ‘on the same side of the table’ for our Clients.

We keep on cementing relationships with our Clients by offering uniform services at all our facilities spread across the country. Clients wanting to scale up their operations have to just plug and play at our new facilities. The facilities are built with best in class materials, complying with all regulations, so that the Clients can focus on what they do best, leaving the rest to TVS ILP. The facilities are also built future proof, keeping in mind the Client’s potential needs.