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Parks Near Chennai

TVS ILP builds on the legacy of the TVS Group, and provides our clients access to facilities which cater to all aspects of manufacturing, storage and distribution.

Our Geographical Advantage

Industrial & Logistics Parks Near Chennai

Uncover the economic heartbeat of Chennai through our exploration of nearby industrial parks. Delve into a world of innovation, growth, and investment opportunities as we spotlight the diverse industrial zones surrounding this bustling city. From state-of-the-art facilities to strategic locations, our guide offers a glimpse into the thriving business environments that contribute to Chennai's industrial prowess.

Whether you're a business visionary seeking expansion or an investor scouting promising prospects, navigate through our insightful content to unravel the potential and possibilities within the industrial parks near Chennai.

Coimbatore 1
Tamil Nadu

Coimbatore 2
Tamil Nadu

Hosur 1
Tamil Nadu

Hosur 2
Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

Advantage TVSILP
  • Best in class Grade A Infrastructure

  • 100% compliant facilities

  • Edge Certified sustainable Green Buildings

  • On time delivery of projects/Parks

  • Clear litigation free facilities

  • Post delivery- Facility Management Services

Multi Dimensional Facilities

Suitable For


Manufacture at our Grade A facilities, which are safe and sustainable.


Store at our nationally standaridised facilities, which are innovatively designed to maximize storage.


Efficient Pan-India distribution enabled through strategic placement near consumption hubs.


Min 1 T
1 M
Plinth height
1 M
Eaves Height
1 M
Road width

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