Warehousing And
Supply Chain Summit 2023

A Power-Packed Meeting Of The Minds. UPLWS 2023.

The FICCI Warehousing and Supply Chain Summit witnessed the brilliance of some of the top industry minds, including TVS ILP COO, Mr. Manikandan Ramachandran. The panel discussion was a power-packed session with the stalwarts of the industry. The discussions started with unearthing the future of warehousing and moved on to how logistics policies can help in value creation and increasing demand in the industry. The key highlights of the panel were the need for increased integration across industry partners, public-private partnerships, optimized processing, and skilled manpower to boost the growth of the warehousing and #logistics industry.

Mr. Ramachandran shed light on the booming warehousing market and emphasized the significance of Grade A #compliance, leaving the audience in complete agreement. He also addressed the importance of suitable land and the path toward Grade A+ or A++ warehouses to optimize real estate costs. His visionary ideas made TVS ILP’s presence at the summit impactful, as the future of warehousing took a breathtaking leap forward.