Broaden Your Business Horizon At Indian Warehousing Show, 2023

India Warehousing Show 2023 New Delhi

A Meeting Of The Minds @ IWS

The India Warehousing Show is one of India’s leading exhibition on logistics, material handling and supply chain industry at large. The show provides all participants with an enriching business platform and wider networking opportunities. It offers a unique platform to gain insights, seek relevant information, explore advanced technologies, network, and generate valuable contacts, all under one roof.

With the country’s strategic location, vast talent pool, and growing infrastructure, we believe India has the potential to be a major player in the global logistics and warehousing industry. At TVS ILP, we are committed to supporting this vision by continuously investing in our technology, workforce, and infrastructure.

We witnessed a convergence of brilliance as we engaged in invigorating discussions, exchanged insights on the latest market trends, and redefined the very essence of warehousing and supply chain strategies as TVS ILP participated in the most awaited, ‘India Warehousing Show 2023’!

This remarkable platform brought together a vibrant community of buyers and sellers, offering unparalleled opportunities to explore new business horizons, experience live product demonstrations, and uncover ground-breaking technologies. As pioneers in the logistics and warehousing industry, TVS ILP (a part of TVS Mobility group) was thrilled to join fellow industry leaders for this extraordinary event, to propel us further and bring immense value to our amazing customers.

As the only corporate developer in the logistics and warehousing segment, we were proud to be a part of this platform that brings together thousands of buyers and sellers to explore new business opportunities, live product demos, and cutting-edge technologies.