CII-TVS Mobility Centre Of Excellence Launch Event, Madurai 2023

A Visionary Event Transforming MSME Empowerment And Driving Digital Transformation

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined the program ‘Creating the Future – Digital Mobility for Automotive MSME Entrepreneurs’ in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, focusing on digital innovation and empowering MSMEs. As a vital entity within the TVS Mobility Group, TVS Industrial and Logistics Parks actively participated in the CII-TVS MOBILITY Centre of Excellence and TVS Open Mobility Platform launch. Inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi, he stressed the pivotal role of MSMEs in contributing to the nation’s GDP.

R. Dinesh, Director of TVS Mobility and CII President, highlighted the open mobility network platform’s role in integrating Indian parts manufacturers into the global supply chain. MyTVS, within the automotive aftermarket ecosystem, will provide digital solutions for MSME scalability. Mr. Ravikumar Swaminathan, Chairman of TVS Industrial and Logistics Parks, demonstrated commitment to digital mobility and MSME growth. The event showcased collaborative efforts to drive innovation, emphasizing the TVS initiatives’ alignment with the government’s vision for inclusive and sustainable MSME growth.