TVSILP | Business Drivers

Key to our success has always been providing the client a reliable platform to base its business on, and as part of the same, we have always been at the forefront in offering a fully compliant, and state of the art facility. The reliability of operations and authenticity related to the technical specifications has led to TVS-ILP housing the likes of Bridgestone, Flipkart, Kubota, etc. at multiple locations.

Key to our competitiveness starts with the first step in the business – i.e. location finalization. As in the case of our Hosur facility, the location was identified by a joint team of experts, taking into consideration both the real estate aspect, and the Client mindset and requirements and the regional development impact the project was envisaged to have. The process took multiple months which eventually resulted into pin pointing a location, which was, till that date, not thought off by any of the other players.

Same was the case with our Bhubaneshwar asset, which was set up at a location with essentially no other Industrial Asset in the vicinity, but the locational advantage led Godrej & Boyce to sign up all of the balance space (beyond the space taken up by the anchor) even before the construction of that phase commenced.

Our Chakan asset was constructed 12 years back, when the area was yet to witness any major investments. However, it has always remained a landmark, and a benchmark for all the future entrants in the Pune area. E.g., well known Japanese Logistics Services Providers shifted from a newly constructed facility at Chakan, to our Chakan facility which had been constructed more than a decade back, but has been maintained meticulously to meet the latest standards, both from a regulatory as well as from a technical front & keeping in mind the high level of customer service that we bring to the table. Similarly, several other players have chosen to take our Chakan facility despite having existing spaces in the region.